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My Band The Innocents on the “Sort It Out Tour” with The Clash and The Slits.

My band the Innocents  on Tour with the Clash
My band the Innocents on Tour with the Clash


My band The Innocents opened for The Clash with The Slits, some times alone;

 we  did a total of thirty six dates with one day off.

Marguerite Van Cook Clash Tour Lyceum 78 Innocents

The image below is on tour and features Sarah Hall on bass ( left) and myself (on the right),


Later,  I joined “Steppin Razor” an all girl reggae bans who toured the mid west and played at  Harlem World in opening for Yellowman. (I played bass ) .

Then back as a front person for Grade A, who played in New York and Belgium, with James Romberger pictured here (below) and Greg Van Cook on guitar.

Marguerite Van Cook and James Romberger Grade A

I’ll post more about this  later. Still love the Clash and the Slits.


New photos for Publishers Weekly Interview.

Took some pictures with James Romberger today for an interview with Publishers Weekly.  So glad to be bring Seven Miles a Second back into the public view. With James Romberger and David Wojnarowicz’s work  to promote, (and my color) it’s always something to be excited about.  The new version looks great. It is finally done as conceived, the scale, color and printing are all just right. I believe the story remains relevant and important. It is coming out on the Fantagraphics Imprint and they have been great about letting us have things the way we wanted them to look.