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An Interview with me and James Romberger by Grace Bello at Publishers Weekly about upcoming rerelease of 7 Miles A Second

Romberger & Van Cook by Romberger Art / Color Van CookThis article came out today in Publishers Weekly.  It will appear in both the hard copy and the online copy.
It discusses the process and publication of the re-release of Seven Miles a Second, a collaborative effort to realize David Wojnarowicz’ graphic memoir. As the article points out, much time has passed since we began this work. It is great to see “Seven Miles a Second” come out in the way that it was intended. For that we thank the great team at Fantagraphics who let us have it our way.

 Remembering David : A Graphic Tribute: James Romberger and Marguerite Van Cook

New photos for Publishers Weekly Interview.

Took some pictures with James Romberger today for an interview with Publishers Weekly.  So glad to be bring Seven Miles a Second back into the public view. With James Romberger and David Wojnarowicz’s work  to promote, (and my color) it’s always something to be excited about.  The new version looks great. It is finally done as conceived, the scale, color and printing are all just right. I believe the story remains relevant and important. It is coming out on the Fantagraphics Imprint and they have been great about letting us have things the way we wanted them to look.