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Nature and Metamorphosis Images.

This series came about as I was thinking about my relationship to nature, I saw a frog at night and when we were cycling in the Camargue in France, then we saw hundreds of them. I love te delicate quality of their skin tone. They invited me to play with ideas of anthropomorphism.

I was filming the whole time and some of the images are less pristine because they are caught in motion, or because the media conflict with the subject. Only so much is possible, but then pushing the low tech is something that I’ve often explored.

The relationship between the body and nature and how we understand energy led me to make this image. The distortion is inspired by the ideas of metamorphosis brought by the frog.

Body in change, dreams at night. More to be said about how this image was produced. Women’s issues that deserve a textual explanation.

I have left this page text light for the time being, because I want the images to be what speaks, at least for the moment.