This piece I accidentally left at the supermarket on the way home from a show and they broke it in half and threw it in the dumpster. However, I thought enough of it to hand on to it. The ever present tanks, ovaries and meat cleavers. People always assume that the figure with the child is a woman. but actually it is a man with stubble. The self portrait is the drawing in the center of the image, and like many of my works on sheet rock there is text that qualifies and contributes to the overall image.

This image was done when  the AIDS epidemic was all we could think about. My friend confided her sero positive condition to me and I made this piece. It was in a show about ecology, but I was thinking more about the ecology of humanity and our relationship to nature, which can be antagonistic on both side.  Since she had a child too, I could only begin to relate through my own child.  Everything was bound together in my mind, inadequate housing and her ability to raise her child were already hard enough and now this unbearable secret to bear. Tough times for women and men alike.

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